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Akwa Ibom Governor to Appoint 329 Aides Across all Political Wards

July 9, 2023

Photo Credit: Nigerian Tribune

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has made a commitment to ensure that each of the 329 wards across the 31 Local Government Areas has a Personal Assistant (PA) responsible for overseeing rural development programs on behalf of the government.

This initiative aligns with the state’s ambitious plans for aggressive rural development over the next four years.

During a meeting with key stakeholders, including leaders and elders of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Uyo, Governor Eno expressed his determination to enhance and build upon the development framework set by his predecessor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

“Rural development will be a major focus of my administration under the ‘Arise Agenda,'” Governor Eno stated. “We will encourage people to return to their hometowns to drive development.”

As part of the strategy, the Governor announced the appointment of PAs from each of the 329 political wards. Ward leaders will be responsible for nominating individuals residing within their respective wards for these positions. The PAs will play a crucial role in facilitating development programs in their communities.

Governor Eno also stressed that prospective appointees to the upcoming State Executive Council (SEC) must have a house in their villages. This requirement will enable them to provide mentorship, support, and leadership to the people in rural areas.

This comprehensive initiative aims to prioritize rural development and empower local leaders to drive sustainable progress at the grassroots level in Akwa Ibom State.


Nigerian Tribune

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