April 21, 2024
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Unsettling Video Emerges of Armed Individuals and Soldiers

December 26, 2023

In the aftermath of the recent massacre in Plateau State, a disturbing video has surfaced, depicting individuals brandishing AK47 rifles in the presence of Nigerian soldiers. The video has sparked reactions on social media, with various users expressing concerns and posing critical questions.

Why are these civilians armed with guns?

Some of the social media posts reacting to the viral video are highlighted below:

@Isahanaja, “The caller is telling the other person on the phone, instructing them to allow Fulani people pass without anyone disturbing, that they just want to pass. The question is, they are all armed, no one question them, where are goin with all those weapons? Who approved it for them?”

@Sivajosh5 “The guy on call was calling Sanusi telling him to clear road that Fulani wants pass. Nothing more, they just want to pass and not going to hurt anyone.”

@Achike19895 “If na yahoo boys and taking 100naira at checking point now, EFCC, ICPC, military, mapool , police, all with come outside”.

@ComradeWF_Fred “When we’re all choked up, we’ll agree on a round table to chat the way forward on how best to live together or part-ways but for now, lets behave like we aren’t aware of the gun pointed directly or indirectly at us all.”

@bigdammy_ “I don’t understand what I am seeing. Security operatives surrounded by armed men! Who are these armed civilians and what is the call about?”

@godlinkconcepts ” Imagine if these were to be in the east. They make commuters come down from their buses and trek across their checking points whereas in places where there is serious report of killings and deep insecurity they allow non security operatives to brandish AKs only in Nigeria.”

@hotgirljulian_ “They should fight for an equivalent of Amotekun if the Federal Government wouldn’t do anything. Which obviously they wouldn’t.I can only imagine how South West would have been If their Governors didn’t come up with the initiative.”



Video Credit: Chude Nnamdi/X

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