April 21, 2024
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Suspected Terrorism Financing In Nigeria: Tukur Mamu and 14 Others Targeted in Sanctions Unveiled

March 20, 2024






In a significant move aimed at combating terrorism financing, authorities have targeted 15 individuals associated with Bureau de Change (BDC) operations suspected of alleged involvement in financing terrorist activities.

The group facing sanctions includes nine individuals, with Tukur Mamu at the forefront, along with Yusuf Ghazali, Muhammad Sani, Abubakar Muhammad, Sallamudeen Hassan, Adamu Ishak, Hassana-Oyiza Isah, Abdulkareem Musa, and Umar Abdullahi.

Additionally, six BDCs and companies have come under scrutiny for their alleged roles in facilitating illicit financial transactions:

1. West and East Africa General Trading Company Limited
2. Settings Bureau De Change Limited
3. G. Side General Enterprises
4. Desert Exchange Ventures Limited
5. Eagle Square General Trading Company Limited
6. Alfa Exchange BDC

The sanctions represent a coordinated effort to disrupt the flow of funds to terrorist organizations and prevent further acts of violence. By targeting both individuals and entities suspected of involvement in terrorism financing, authorities aim to dismantle financial networks that sustain extremist activities.

These measures underscore the government’s commitment to combating terrorism in all its forms and ensuring the security and safety of citizens and communities. The investigation and subsequent sanctions serve as a warning to those who seek to exploit financial systems for nefarious purposes, emphasizing the consequences of engaging in illicit activities.

As the authorities continue to investigate and take decisive action against individuals and entities involved in terrorism financing, efforts to strengthen regulatory frameworks and enhance international cooperation remain paramount in the global fight against terrorism.


Credit: Imran Muhammad/X

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