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Pat Utomi Warns: Nigeria’s Political Class Must Embrace Change or Face Dire Consequences

October 23, 2023

Renowned professor of political economy, Pat Utomi, says the political class must change its approach or the country will die, as the nation is facing unprecedented inflation amid a decline in the naira to the dollar.

Speaking in an interview on Arise TV on Monday, Utomi stated that it’s not business as usual and the national assembly must take proactive measures to save the nation from further decline.

His words: “If people don’t see our national values and commitments, rather than stealing our own, none of these will work. The political class has to get together and realise that their country is about to die.

“If Tinubu doesn’t recognize this, Nigeria will die. He doesn’t need a soothsayer. This is not business as usual.”

He further stated that the country must cut costs, as no one will ever take Nigeria seriously with our ‘behavior’.

He said, “We must seriously cut costs across the board and remove the cost of the National Assembly.

“Then we must produce for export. We know many people are not producing anything because they abandoned the farms and are in the IDP. Even for those who make an effort to export, the customs people make it difficult for them to do so.

“If we are serious, this is a time to ensure that people produce and that they can get it to the airport on time for export.”


Credit: Vanguard

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