April 21, 2024
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Hamas’ Barbaric Tactics Unveiled: Shocking Details of Horrific Sexual Violence Against Israeli Victims

February 22, 2024










A recent report has exposed the appalling tactics employed by Hamas terrorists during the Oct. 7 attacks on Israelis. According to the report submitted by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI) to the U.N., Hamas militants subjected Israeli rape victims to unspeakable acts of sexual violence, including the insertion of knives and grenades into their genitals.

The report details harrowing accounts of women, children, and men enduring “sadistic” sexual violence both during the invasion of southern Israel and as hostages in Gaza. The brutal nature of the attacks, which involved gang rapes in front of families and executions following sexual assault, has sent shockwaves through the international community.

Describing the atrocities committed by Hamas militants, the report highlights instances of genital mutilation inflicted on girls, women, and men, as well as the use of firearms and insertion of weapons to instill terror and inflict maximum harm.

Terrorists “hunted young women and men who fled the Nova festival” and “dragged them by their hair amid screams,” the report said.

Most of the sexual assault victims were then killed “after or during the rape,” the report revealed.

Survivors of the Nova music festival have recounted harrowing scenes of horror and brutality, shedding light on the unimaginable atrocities perpetrated during the event. Witnesses described witnessing an “apocalypse of bodies,” with girls found in various states of undress, some missing body parts.

Gad Liberson, another survivor, recalled hearing the cries of girls, which he feared were the sounds of rape. His testimony, echoed by others, paints a chilling picture of abduction, sexual assault, and execution.

Reports indicate that men were also subjected to brutal violence, with appendages severed and bullet wounds targeting their sexual organs. Witnesses recounted finding victims with broken pelvises, indicative of the extreme levels of sexual violence inflicted upon them.

Rescuers who worked to remove the bodies from the festival grounds described a scene of horror, with many victims arriving either partially clothed or unclothed, exhibiting signs of heavy bleeding and genital mutilation.

Further atrocities were uncovered in nearby kibbutz homes, where evidence of sexual assault was found. Women and girls were discovered raped in their bedrooms, with knives inserted into their genitals, indicating a level of sadistic violence beyond comprehension.

The report by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI) also revealed the use of nails and grenades as weapons of sexual violence, with some bodies booby-trapped to inflict further harm.

Shockingly, the majority of victims were subjected to gang rape in front of their own family members, adding another layer of trauma to an already devastating ordeal.

The authors of the report, Dr. Carmit Klar-Chalamish and Noga Berger, highlighted the pervasive nature of sexual violence, with Israeli hostages enduring continued threats of abuse.



















Credit: New York Post

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