July 13, 2024
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Alarming Surge in Organ and Kidney Harvesting Unveiled in Abuja

December 20, 2023

In a shocking revelation, a clandestine trade involving the harvesting of organs and kidneys has surfaced in Abuja, brought to light by a viral video posted by Somto Okwonkwo on X.

The prevailing unemployment and economic hardship in the country are anticipated to fuel a significant rise in crime. However, it is emphasized that no amount of poverty justifies individuals engaging in such a dark and morally reprehensible trade. The plea for government intervention is underscored by the challenging times faced by citizens, marked by desperation.

The gravity of this situation necessitates immediate attention from the Federal Government of Nigeria. If the government remains silent and allows this illicit business to flourish unchecked, the lives of innocent youths are at serious risk. This urgent call highlights the need for proactive measures to address both the root causes of desperation and the immediate threat posed by the organ harvesting trade.

Video Credit: Somto Okwonkwo/X


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