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Fiancé and Manager of Gospel Singer Amaka Gift Accuses Her of Betrayal

August 28, 2023

Photo Credit: Anambra Current News/Facebook

Mr. Favour Ibex, the alleged fiancé and manager of Nigerian gospel singer Amaka Gift, has publicly claimed that she abandoned him for another man after he purportedly supported her career for a span of nine years. In a Facebook post shared on Monday, August 28, 2023, Favour, who operates a broadcasting and media firm, recounted his journey with Amaka, detailing how they met through a local church choir and subsequently embarked on a relationship that intertwined both their personal lives and her budding music career.

Favour explained that after initially dating for three years, he introduced Amaka to the music scene in 2017. The two became betrothed, and while their engagement was kept under wraps to preserve her gospel career and academic pursuits, Favour attested that blessings from both families were received.

He maintained his respect for their faith and commitment by not engaging in physical intimacy, anticipating their traditional marriage rites to take place after her graduation.

Favour took on an active role in Amaka’s professional journey, claiming he managed and promoted her social media accounts, filmed videos, and organized various promotional activities. He spoke of significant investments he made to enhance her music, including utilizing newspapers, radio stations, CD production, branding efforts, and hosting concerts complete with billboards and posters. Additionally, he furnished her apartment with essential items and established a studio within her living space to facilitate her music and academic progress.

Issues arose when Favour introduced Amaka to Maxy Michael for a collaborative project. Afterward, Favour purportedly discovered videos and pictures suggesting a more-than- professional relationship between Amaka and Maxy. Confronting Amaka led to her admission of a romantic involvement with Maxy.

Allegedly facing attempts by Amaka to exclude him from her online presence by changing passwords, Favour resorted to shutting down her social media accounts.

Favour’s heartfelt and detailed account paints a picture of an intricate relationship that bridged personal, professional, and spiritual realms, revealing complexities and challenges faced over the span of nearly a decade.

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Sources: Favour Ibex/Facebook

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