June 20, 2024
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Burna Boy reacts to claims that his net worth is 22 million dollars

August 24, 2023

Burna Boy, the Afrobeats star, has responded to a Google report that put his net worth at $22 million, implying his true worth.

During a recent interview, the presenter disclosed that a short Google search revealed Burna Boy’s net worth to be 22 million dollars.

He asked Burna Boy whether the search result was correct or incorrect.

Burna Boy came out laughing at this news. He went on like this for a few seconds before turning around.

He finally stated emphatically that he likes that others consider his worth in that manner, but their conclusion is wrong.

Although, he didn’t indicate whether they had staked it too high or too low.

You may recall that the Grammy award-winning Afrobeats sensation had splashed millions to buy two exotic cars at once last year December for the festivities.


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