May 30, 2024
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Benue Female married Politician dumps family in Canada for another Married Man!

August 24, 2023

Benue state politician allegedly left her husband and children in Canada to date a married man, demanding he must divorce his legal wife and marry her.


Former PDP gubernatorial candidate and BRIS chairman in Benue state, Mimi Orubibi has allegedly left her husband and kids in the Canada for months to move in with a married man with 4 kids at the time his wife traveled abroad to visit their kids.



According to our source, upon the wife’s return, she threw Mimi’s properties out of her matrimonial home but received the shock of her life. Her husband who is the managing director of a big enterprise in Benue called the police and got her arrested.



According to our source, the politician drives the man’s wife’s car and has been compelling the man to divorce his wife so he can marry her. The wife who is already broken isn’t willing to let go of her marriage of over 21 years.



4th slide is the politician, Mimi Orubibi defecting to PDP.

5th slide is a photo of the wife after she was arrested by her husband. While 6th and 7th slide are their beautiful children.



Source: thetattleroomng/IG

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