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“Be Prayerful”: Ighalo’s Ex-wife Continues Ranting, Accuses Mother-in-Law of Problem in Her Marriage

November 17, 2023
  • Nigerian footballer Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife, Adesuwa, has continued to speak about her broken marriage online
  • In a recent post, she pointed fingers at her mother-in-law for being a problem in her former marriage, among other things
  • A number of Nigerians took to social media to react to Adesuwa’s claims about her marriage to Jude Ighalo

Nigerian footballer Jude Ighalo’s estranged wife, Sonia Adesuwa, is back in the news after spilling more tea on her crashed marriage.



In a lengthy note, Adesuwa said she would use her platform to encourage women after reading some of the messages they sent to her. According to her, no woman should allow themselves to be intimidated.

Not stopping there, the socialite pointed fingers at her mother-in-law, saying that no evil mum-in-law should be allowed to control a woman’s home and she should always stand up for her children.


Also, in the post, Adesuwa claimed that prayers saved her, or she would have been forgotten by now. She added that she did not leave her marriage because she was tired of fighting, but she left because she chose her children over remaining in the union. Ighalo’s ex said she got married at 19 and tried all she could to make it work like a good African woman who wanted her husband to succeed. The advice an actress gave Ighalo’s ex-wife.

Adesuwa recounted how an actress married to an Edo man visited her home in 2018 and called her aside to advise her to be prayerful. According to the footballer’s ex, people with heightened spirits understood what the movie star meant, but she only laughed because she knew it was impossible to kill an only child who had an assignment on earth.



She also addressed netizens who accused her of being in pain because she was broke. According to her, she was born with a silver spoon. On a final note, Adesuwa vowed to open a platform in future that would help and encourage women dealing with a lot in their marriages. According to her, a marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured.


Reactions as Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife spills more on her broken marriage Recall that she had earlier claimed BBNaija star Uriel was sleeping with her husband. Several social media users had mixed reactions to Adesuwa’s post. While some of them tried to shun her, others sympathised with her.

Read some of their comments below:

officialsamuelajirebi: “Marriage is not needless… just don’t go into it Needy.”

tochukwujoyce: “When u are blessed with good MIL & good in-Laws u cannot relate …oooooo na only she know wetin her eyes don see in that marriage.”

princeferdy: “Why is this woman ranting online and saying she has the power to bring someone down? You have been divorced for 5yrs now, move on and let the man breathe . This is what happens after divorce, regrets , toxic and lies . May God heal her.”

chrystalmickey: “If you get married to a man with a God fearing mother who has love in her heart, use every minute wey you breathe thank God o. The marriages and families that wicked MILs have broken cannot be counted but at the end of the day, it still turns back on them because you have your grandchildren and blood littered all over the world without coming back to their roots. The ones wey come back sef na only fight because of different mothers (spiritually and physically)”

ngum.genny: “I will rather remain single than to get married to a community preek husband or an abusive husband. After all, who marry help sef?”

anita_breeezzze_: “Mil that wants to control her sons home is percent free to do that , but I will have to shift so you have a full access I can’t be in that gap nevrr ?? Some mil are agents of satan , the will fight you spiritually to see themselves win that battle , you have left the enjoyment of marriage na battle I come fight una for tell me make i carry axe and knife then with loads of bibble enter.”

dachii411: “This one be wan reeep ighalo but en mama no gree.”

topman_tech: “Generally speaking, be it man or woman, as long as a marriage is starting to make you feel so sad, kindly peacefully find a way out. Emphasis on peacefully. May God bless all marriages out there.”

oluwaseyi_wfaz: “Someone who fails in marriage is the one giving advice to women still in marriage to stand up for what’s it… Confuse generation of a thing.”

Bimjid: “And she has forgotten that her son will grow up and marry and if her daughter in law calls her evil then what will she do, what goes around comes around.”

sabigal1: “Gbam. Marriage is to enjoy not to endure. For how long will u endure when ur name is not Endurance..How can u be In a marriage and all u ask yourself everyday is, is this what I would do for forever. Women prioritise your happiness.”


Source: Legit.ng

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