April 16, 2024
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces Detention at Munich Airport as ‘Criminal Tax Proceedings’ Unfold

January 17, 2024









Arnold Schwarzenegger faced a three-hour delay at Munich airport as customs initiated “criminal tax proceedings” for the unregistered import of his $21,000 Audemars Piguet watch.

Munich’s customs spokesman Thomas Meister told Bild, the outlet that broke the news, that their agency had “initiated criminal tax proceedings” because the watch “should have been registered” since it in an “import.”

Despite cooperating, Schwarzenegger had to pre-pay potential taxes using a credit card machine, leading to a series of mishaps.

The actor, undeterred, plans to proceed with auctioning the watch for his charity, emphasizing the philanthropic impact of his initiatives.

According to Bild, Schwarzenegger “initially took the interrogation fairly calmly, but then the time and the procedure got on his nerves.”

The “Kindergarten Cop” star has since been released and we’re told he plans to move forward with the auctioning of his watch on Thursday.

“The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative will properly report it, as all of Arnold’s non-profits do,” an insider says.

“His charity auctions raise millions of dollars every year for after-school programs for kids all over the United States and environmental work around the world.

“We hope Germany spends as much energy turning around their economy as they do asking for tax payments for people’s property they bring into the country, and we hope next time they don’t make him pay taxes on his suits.”

Page Six has reached out to Schwarzenegger’s rep for comment but did not immediately hear back.


Credit: Page Six

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