April 16, 2024
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Actress Rita Dominic Opens Up: The Untold Story Behind Her Departure from Acting to Caregiving in London

March 12, 2024







Credit: Rita Dominic/Facebook


At the recent Women of Valour International Women’s Day event in Ghana, actress Rita Dominic captivated the audience with her candid revelation about a pivotal moment in her life. Delving into her past, Dominic unveiled the untold story behind her temporary departure from the glitz and glamour of the movie industry to embrace a profoundly different role – that of a caregiver in London.

Clad in a fashionable red blazer and a tassel skirt, Rita Dominic radiated both elegance and authenticity as she recounted the tumultuous period that led her to take a hiatus from acting. The 48-year-old actress shared how she navigated through a dark chapter, fueled by the pain inflicted by friends she held dear.








Driven by a need for a fresh start, Dominic made the bold decision to leave behind the limelight and embark on a journey to London. However, her path took an unexpected turn as she found herself drawn to a noble vocation – caregiving for adults with special needs. Despite the stark contrast from her previous profession, Dominic embraced her new role with unwavering dedication, finding solace and purpose in nurturing others during their most vulnerable moments.

In her own words, Dominic expressed, “Taking care of others brought me joy and purpose at the time I needed it most because I remember I took care of my mother and my father when they were ill because I was alone with them.” Her experience as a caregiver not only provided her with a source of livelihood but also served as a profound reminder of the importance of compassion and human connection.


Credit: The Nation

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