July 24, 2024
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90 Day Fiancé’ Star Michael Ilesanmi Located After Angela Deem Raises Alarm Over His Mysterious Disappearance, Citing Concerns for His Safety

March 2, 2024










In a dramatic turn of events, Michael Ilesanmi, a prominent figure from ’90 Day Fiancé’, has been located safe and sound following a concerning report of his disappearance by his wife, Angela Deem.

Blogger John Yates, in a YouTube video released Monday, revealed the tense moments leading up to the discovery, with Deem expressing immense relief upon hearing the news.

According to Yates, the authorities confirmed Ilesanmi’s safety after he contacted them, utilizing pictures of his passport to verify his identity.








Blogger John Yates sheds light on the situation, disclosing Ilesanmi’s reluctance to disclose his whereabouts to wife Angela Deem. Despite recent travels across California, New York, and Florida, tensions mount as Deem expresses frustration and disbelief over her husband’s secretive behavior.

In a heartbreaking live update on Monday, Angela Deem reveals the distressing news of her husband Michael Ilesanmi’s disappearance since his arrival from Nigeria in December 2023.

Fighting back tears, Deem discloses her futile attempts to locate Ilesanmi, enlisting the help of authorities and reaching out to his family in West Africa. As the search intensifies, Deem offers a $10,000 reward for any information leading to Ilesanmi’s safe return.

In a desperate plea on Instagram, Angela Deem reaches out to her vast following of over 800,000 followers, urging them to contact her directly as she anxiously awaits news at her home.

Deem and Ilesanmi met online in 2018 during Season 2 of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” and tied the knot in Nigeria two years later, but the road has been rocky.










Credit: Page Six

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