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Winter House’s Lindsay Hubbard and Austen Kroll’s Ups and Downs

December 11, 2021

A crossover connection! As fans prepared for a Bravo multiverse event with the premiere of Winter House, cast members Lindsay Hubbard and Austen Kroll shocked viewers when they opened up about their history.

Ahead of Lindsay’s entrance on the Summer House spin off series, she talked about getting to film with Austen after being friends for years.

“I haven’t seen him in over a year when we started filming, so that was the longest I’ve gone since I’ve met him,” the publicist exclusively explained to Us Weekly in October 2021. “So I went into it like, ‘Hey, I’m just so f—king excited to, like, see my best friend.’ And we talk every day — sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner, you know, sometimes we will go a couple of days without talking, but we’re always on the phone. … Austen and I do have a history when we’re both single that you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Although Lindsay was ready to see where their time in Vermont would take them, the Southern Charm star already had his sights set on Ciara Miller before Lindsay arrived. As episodes of Winter House continued to air, the costars faced some tension in their relationship following an embarrassing segment on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

During an October 27 appearance on the late night talk show, things took a turn when Austen chose Ciara for most of the romantic questions in a game of “Pick Your Winter Spouse!, as Lindsay watched on in the audience. After the episode aired, the New York native admitted that she struggled to keep up “a happy face” while she was actually “crying inside.”

“You never know what kind of questions or quizzes are going to be asked. I was definitely taken aback at the responses that Austen gave,” she said during a November 2021 episode of the “Reality Life with Kate Casey” podcast. “I think he could have been a little bit more respectful to me and to our friendship. We’ve had conversations about that in the past. Specifically, after Winter House filming, I had a conversation with him about that.”

After fans noticed that the twosome seemingly unfollowed one another, Austen revealed that she actually blocked him. The Summer House star also confirmed that she was hitting pause when it came to Austen.

“I can’t be [OK] with keeping that kind of person in my life. Like, I spend so much time caring and nurturing for my friendships and being the best friend I can be to everyone around me,” she noted at the time. “If it’s not going to be reciprocated [after] almost four years of friendship and if it’s still not there, then I don’t need to train a 34-year-old man how to be a good friend to me.”

Austen, for his part, thought they had reached a place of understanding.

“I thought that we were moving on and being, like, much more adult about it to be totally honest,” he said during a “Pillows and Beer” livestream with Craig Conover the day Lindsay’s “break” comments made headlines.

Amid issues in her friendship with the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder, Lindsay also sparked romance rumors with her costar Carl Radke. As rumors swirled about the status of their relationship, following a past fling between the longtime friends, Lindsay got honest about how Carl was an important fixture in her life.

“We’ve been super close, we’ve been best friends, we started the show together. Not having him at Winter House was very strange for me. I mean, he was helping me pack the night before I left,” she told Us in October. “I FaceTimed him a bunch while I was there and we hang out all the time, we live in the same building in New York and we’re just, like, really, really close.”

Lindsay also joked about being linked to several Bravo costars at once.

“Here I am, like, on Winter House talking about Austen and how I’m in love with him, but, you know, I’m also in love with Carl, Kyle [Cooke] and Amanda [Batula],” she shared with Us. “Carl and I, you know, he’s been going through a very different lifestyle phase and change of his life. I’ve been very supportive of him since day one.”

Winter House airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Scroll on for all the ups and downs between Lindsay and Austen:

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