October 1, 2023
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‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

December 12, 2021

All-star cast! Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston and more Hollywood favorites appeared in the 2009 romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You.

Based on the 2004 self-help book of the same name, the movie follows nine characters who are all experiencing major trouble in their love lives. Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) is at the center of the story and acts as a common thread between the other eight people. When Gigi meets Alex (Justin Long), he attempts to help her be more successful at dating — until he realizes his own feelings for her.

Along with Goodwin and the New Girl alum, the feel-good flick stars Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson and more. While it was met with mixed reviews from critics after its February 2009 release, the rom-com led its opening weekend with $27.8 million at the box office.

The movie sparked a real-life romance between Long and Barrymore, who dated on and off until 2010. A decade later, the exes proved they were still on good terms with a funny social media exchange in the comments of Paper magazine’s Instagram.

In March 2020, the outlet shared a “Justin Long appreciation post,” which the 50 First Dates actress fully supported. “He’s great!” she replied at the time.

The sweet message caught Long’s eye. ​​”Ah what do YOU know?! I feel like I’m on an episode of This Is Your Life #HipMillenialReference texting you a great photo booth pic I just found during my [coronavirus] quarantine clean!” he wrote back, graciously accepting the love from Barrymore and other fans.

Two months later, the Accepted star told Us Weekly exclusively that he’d love to chat with his ex on his podcast, “Life Is Short With Justin Long.” However, there were a few things that he’d rather not bring up on the air.

“I definitely have limits. I wouldn’t want to talk about, say, anything out of turn about somebody I knew personally, like an ex-girlfriend,” he told Us in May 2020. “I wouldn’t want to say anything that might be hurtful to somebody. I wouldn’t want to cause any pain or cause any negativity.”

Long previously revealed that he was still “in touch” with the Scream actress and some of their He’s Just Not That Into You costars.

“I see some of those [guys],” he told Us in May 2019. “I see them occasionally.”

Scroll down to see where the cast of He’s Just Not That Into You is now:

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