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With the same old films in heavy rotation on television every December — think Home Alone, A Christmas Story and Love Actually — you may be sleeping on other yuletide faves from the silver screen.

1988’s Scrooged, for example, marked Bill Murray’s first film since Ghostbusters, and it puts a modern-day spin on Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. And nearly three decades later, its lead star teamed up with the likes of George Clooney and Amy Poehler for the 2015 Netflix musical A Very Murray Christmas.

2005’s The Family Stone, on the other hand, puts the “fun” in family dysfunction, as a tightly-wound Sarah Jessica Parker joins Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams at her “mean girl” best. Speaking of rom-coms, don’t miss 1995’s While You Were Sleeping, starring Sandra Bullock as a hapless romantic who comes to the rescue of the handsome stranger she’s been crushing on for eons.

Meanwhile, if you like action flicks, Hollywood classics, or Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, we’ve got you covered, too. We’re even throwing in a New Year’s Eve-themed film for good measure. Check out all our selections in the video above.

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