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1000-lb Sisters is a TLC program known for showing a more human and compassionate angle when compared to shows like My 600-lb Life.

That does not mean that weight loss is never a goal, and Tammy Slaton has been hard at work.

Her breakup with her "chaser" boyfriend, revealed on Monday night's episode, could be exactly what she needs.

But Amy worries that it could be a setback for her sister.

"I'm trying to motivate Tammy," Amy Slaten narrates to the camera as the two sisters exercise outdoors.

She explains that she is focused upon Tammy "because I do have my worries about Phillip, the new boyfriend."

Amy points out the obvious conflict of interests: "He loves big women, but she needs to lose this weight."

Conversationally, Amy asks Tammy for an update on her love life.

It turns out that some of her concerns were not necessarily as long-term as she had assumed.

"We broke up," Tammy reveals.

Amy asks how the breakup went down, wondering if it was mutual or if someone was dumped.

"I guess you could say I did it," Tammy shares.

She explains that they split "'cause I was tired of fighting with him and he said my insecurities were my problem."

"And, like, at the beginning of the relationship I told him," Tammy recalls.

She describes: "I was like, can you promise you'll help me through my insecurities."

Tammy laments that he did not live up to his promise: "He said it got to be too much."

Speaking to the camera, Tammy continued to share how the relationship had ended.

Among other things, she acknowledged that she was sad about it.

The expression on her face spoke volumes.

"I'm very quick to trust," Tammy admits.

"And," she characterized, "that's one of my downfalls."

"So in the long run, I do end up getting hurt real hard, real bad," Tammy points out.

Amy attempts to put a somewhat positive spin on a painful moment.

Perhaps this split would be good for Tammy in the long run.

"Him saying you're insecure and stuff," Amy begins.

Amy suggests: "Maybe that needs to be the motivation."

Specifically, she says, it could be motivation "to be, like, getting your inner demons worked on."

In response, Tammy very justifiably quips: "I got an inner demon?"

"Yeah, your inner food addiction, and your insecurities," Amy explains to her sister.

While food addiction is a controversial label for disordered eating, compulsive overeating could be likened to an "inner demon" by some.

Amy is focused upon Tammy's weight loss goal, because bariatric surgeon Dr. Eric Smith wants her to lose 25 pounds.

"Now with your Dr. Smith appointment coming up you've got to show some real progress," Amy nudges her sister.

"So you need to do this like, every day," she says of the exercise routine.

Amy emphasizes that this applies "Even when I'm not around."

Amy separately spoke to the camera about her hopes that Tammy will pour her breakup feelings into exercise instead of allowing them to set her back.

"Tammy told me she broke up with Phil, and I'm like, about damn time," she expresses.

"Now," Amy says, "you need to work on yourself."

"Tammy don't need somebody that wants her to be a glutton," Amy stresses.

"I'm hoping with the whole breakup, it don't deter Tammy away from her weight loss," she expresses.

Amy concludes: "because she needs to lose this 25 lbs. The doctor gave her a goal."

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