December 1, 2023
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Kim Kardashian to Judge: I CANNOT Wait to Finalize the Divorce! End My Marriage NOW!

December 11, 2021

In recent weeks, Kanye West has been relentless in begging Kim Kardashian to take him back.

Apparently, filing for divorce the first time and her very public outings with Pete Davidson weren’t enough to get the message across.

Kim has filed new documents with the court, asking to be officially declared single even while custody and property are still being settled.

In other words, she doesn’t want to wait another minute to drop “West” from her name forever.

Truth be told, not that many people have been in the habit of including the “West” at the end of Kim’s name anyway.

Part of that was habit — the Kardashian name being so iconic, and the world having gotten to know her before she ever met Kanye.

Another factor may have been that it seemed apparent years ago that this marriage could not, should not, and would not last.

On Friday, December 10, Kim Kardashian filed new legal documents with the court, TMZ reports.

If the judge signs off on her requests, Kim will finally be officially single.

At least, single in the sense of no longer being married to Ye, even on paper.

This is not the same as her initial divorce filing.

Instead, Kim is asking the court to separate marital status and treat it distinctly from division of property and child custody.

This way, Kim could divorce Kanye even while they continue to work out an arrangement for their children and their properties.

Kim is also asking for the restoration of her maiden name.

Kim Kardashian West will be no more, replaced by the once and future Kim Kardashian.

So … what the whole world has been calling her the entire time.

It’s unclear if there is a direct correlation, but just hours before the new filing, Kanye once again made a fool of himself.

He went on stage at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, even though anyone with common sense has known to keep him off of stages for the past 12 years.

Kanye sang “Runaway,” and ad-libbed at the very end: “Run back to me … more specifically, Kimberly.”

Kim was actually at the show.

To make things even worse, she wasn’t alone.

She had her two eldest children, North and Saint, with her.

This douchecanoe sang that in front of his own children.

Just saying it on stage would be clownery of the highest order, but with his children in the audience, it’s so much worse.

It makes the divorce harder on them … and it attempts to portray Kim as the one “tearing the family apart” when nothing could be further from the truth.

Kim gave Kanye too many chances. She spent years giving him too many chances.

He would blurt out the most humiliating nonsense, repeatedly endorse fascist traitors, and throw her under the bus.

Between that and reports of rampant cheating on his part, Kim should have ditched him a long time ago.

Instead, she avoided ditching Kanye until his escalating bad behavior gave her no other choice.

One of Kim’s motives may have been an attempt to go all out on behalf of her kids, trying to make the marriage work no matter what.

The other was likely that she just plain loved the guy, and wanted to believe that he’d eventually care about her enough to behave himself.

Kanye has been insisting that Kim is “still” his wife because there’s technically paperwork out there that says so while their divorce is pending.

Kim waants to finalize the marital side of the divorce without having to wait to work out the rest.

We’d say that maybe, once this happens, Kanye will stop acting out and take the hint … but we somehow doubt it.

The thing is that there was a time when they were happier as a couple.

Kanye said in an interview that he decided to stop taking his medication because he believed that it was given to him as part of a conspiracy to humiliate him.

Unfortunately, so long as his ego triumphs over his desire to be a good partner, Kanye will continue to humiliate himself and anyone with whom he is involved.

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