July 7, 2022
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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is back with Season 5.

On the season premiere, viewers were introduced to four of the season's seven brand-new couples.

Caleb and Alina (no, not that one) are already speeding ahead to possible fan-favorite territory, but there's a lot that could go wrong.

As the outdoorsy and spiritual American meets up with the disabled Russian band member in Turkey, they'll see if their chemistry is as good in person.

Gino and Jasmine are clearly crazy about each other, but they are both a little "out there."

While Jasmine seems to alternate between intense jealousy and extreme horniness, Gino seems to make ignoring red flags into a new art form.

Kimberly is 50 years old and thinks that her next relationship could be her "last chance" at happiness.

She is determined for that relationship to be none other than Usman Umar, but she knows that she's not the first older white American woman to cross paths with him.

Memphis had a rough childhood and had to make a lot of sacrifices to give her kids more happiness and stability than she had.

Now, she's hoping to reap the rewards of a relationship with Hamza ... but her loved ones worry that her "leap of faith" will lead downhill, fast.



1. Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha

One of the SEVEN new couples is Caleb and Alina, both of whom are 27 years old. The new season begins with several shots of Caleb jogging shirtless in Arizona. Some viewers already have their fingers crossed that he'll be one of the cast members who launches an OnlyFans.

2. So who is Caleb?

He has done a lot of traveling and has lived internationally. He has also done some extensive self-discovery, tapping into his spiritual side. At one point, production got him explaining (awkwardly) how he felt about himself feeling almost "alien" through extensive self-examination, but editors were kind enough to leave in the part where he then laughs after realizing how that sounds.

3. But Caleb has gotten very spiritual

He does a tarot spread on camera, determining that the cards may be commenting on his future with Alina -- one that he hopes will be a bright one.

4. Caleb and Alina go way back

When they were both about 14, Caleb and Alina struck up a friendship on social media. Of course, this was like 2007, so this was on Facebook. They eventually fell out of touch, only reconnecting when Caleb was planning a trip to Russia, checked a dating app for the area, and found that his childhood friend was on it.

5. Now adults at very different places in their lives, they reconnected

This time, even though the pandemic prevented that trip to Russia from happening, things took a turn for the romantic.

6. Meanwhile, in Russia

Alina is modeling a jaw-dropping burlesque look. Burlesque is a recent interest of hers, but you wouldn't know it from the photoshoot.

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