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The House select committee released documents that circulated inside the White House laying out plans to steal the 2020 election, and MSNBC's Claire McCaskill said that was one more big piece of evidence against former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

The PowerPoint slides, which Meadows referred to in an email provided to the panel, reveal a plan for Donald Trump to declare a national emergency to delay the certification of Joe Biden's election win, and the former Democratic senator said the evidence was damning.

"Mark Meadows had a really bad day yesterday," McCaskill told "Morning Joe." "When you read that opinion, if a unanimous court of appeals from the D.C. Circuit says what it said about executive privilege then Mark Meadows is on very, very shaky ground where he tries to now retreat and say, 'Hey, I don't have to cooperate because of executive privilege.' You know, you can waive the privilege, given all these documents. There is going to be a vote to hold him in contempt at the beginning of the week."

"You know, he's had a bad week because clearly the president didn't like it that he told everyone he had been very, very sick and, frankly, kept it from people that threatens people's lives," she added. "Now he's not in a strong position trying to hide from this committee after they've gotten all this important information from him. I think the biggest argument against him is he waived the privilege by providing the documents he already has."

Watch below:

MSNBC analyst says ex-Trump staffer exposed his executive privilege claims

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