February 25, 2024
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Ring’s festive doorbell covers add more holiday fun to your doorstep

December 11, 2021

Ring is getting into the holiday spirit, and you can now pick up some lovely festive faceplates for a few of its different video doorbell models, turning them from a fairly standard look into an entirely jazzy alternative.

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The options range from fairy light-themed to Christmas jumper-esque but thankfully none of them is so loud as to be off-putting, and each is priced at £14.00 so doesn’t add on too much of a premium for your doorbell’s price.

The faceplates also fit multiple models of Ring’s main doorbells, being compatible with any of the Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus or Video Doorbell 4.

That means you should be safe if you own any of those models, or if you’ve got one but are thinking of upgrading to another, which is handy.

Replacing the default plate should be a fairly simple matter, although it does involve the Video Doorbell’s security screw to make sure they can’t be pried off again – still, if you installed your doorbell that should be a pretty minor task for you.


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