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How to create your Instagram 2021 Playback

December 12, 2021

Instagram offers a number of features, from its 24-hour Stories offering to its Daily Limit tool. The Facebook-owned social platform also offers a Take a Break feature, encouraging users to take a little time out when they have been scrolling for a certain length of time. 

Alongside those features, and many more, there is something called Playback. Running as a limited feature from 9 December 2021 until the end of the year, the Playback feature enables users to reminisce over their 2021 highlights by looking back at their Instagram Stories and sharing their favourites.

You can select up to ten Stories to share with your followers from your Instagram Stories archive. Here’s how to create your Instagram Stories 2021 Playback.

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How to create your 2021 Playback on Instagram

The Instagram 2021 Playback feature is available from 9 December and it will be available for a few weeks, until the end of the year, with the idea being you reflect on the year, whatever 2021 brought for you.

You will see a message appear on your Instagram feed when you open the app, inviting you to view your 2021 Playback. Tap on the “View Playback” button and you’ll see the ten Stories highlights curated by Instagram, which you can then share to your Instagram Story. Before you share it, you can choose to add or remove Stories, allowing you to remove or add any particular memories that were important for you.

When you share the Playback, a 2021 sticker will appear on it. If you view someone else’s 2021 Playback but you had either selected ‘Not Now’ when invited to view yours, or the option hasn’t appeared, you can tap on the 2021 sticker on someone else’s Playback story to then create your own.

Happy reminiscing.

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