February 28, 2024
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Why you should not be in a hurry to leave your parents’ house

December 20, 2021

Parents can be overbearing and get on our last nerves; oftentimes, it usually comes from a place of love. The truth is, there is nothing outside but billings. Don’t be in a rush to leave your folk’s home; enjoy the security and shelter a little longer because once you leave, there is usually no going back.

Reasons you should not leave just yet

1. Free food

As an adult, you’d agree that nothing beats free food, the food you didn’t pay or work for. Living alone will make you extremely and annoyingly conscious of how much food you have at home. But in your parents’ house, you eat with reckless abandon like the hoodlum you are.

2. Rent-free apartment

You know how much you had to pay to secure the present roof over your head if you are currently living alone. Let’s not even get started on the amount of money you’d still spend to put the whole living space in shape and to your taste.

3. More savings

One of the many good things about living with your parents is the significantly reduced monthly billings. Yes, bills will still arise ear and dear; but it always reduced. There are no significant expenses; you are not paying for water, light, fuel, and food. I get that you want to spend on yourself, enjoy your money and stuff, but part of your paycheck should also be put into savings. Thus, your savings should be substantial.

4. No landlord/caretaker

When anything needs a fix or replacement, you do not need to wait so long for the landlord to come up with a solution. Things are fixed fast, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be out of your pockets.

The thing is, some ’emerging’ adults only want to leave their parents’ house because of peer pressure; others are moving out, so let me join them. If your job is 100% remote and you do not need to go in for weekly/quarterly meetings at your office, staying in your folks’ place works perfectly for you. But if you probably have to move to a new town or city for work, then getting a place all by yourself is inevitable. In the end, do you.

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