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Juliana Peña fulfills 13-year-old dream by defeating UFC Bantamweight Champion on night in Las Vegas.

In defense of her bantamweight titleship, Amanda Nunes stepped into the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to face Juliana Peña.

Already, coming into this match, Peña was the underdog in a contest against the greatest women's fighter in the history of MMA, Amanda Nunes.

However, Peña demonstrated exactly why she had been saying she would make Nunes quit, in the leadup to last night's bantamweight title fight.

She said she would go right at Nunes and she didn't go off the script in any way.

Peña's words initially when she said this sounded like a big bluff.

The 32-year-old Washington native was just 1-1 in her last two fights and as recently as 2020, had been choked out by a kickboxer.

So the question really was , " What threat could she possibly pose to Nunes?"

Amanda Nunes was the No. 1 fighter in the ESPN women's pound-for-pound rankings and a winner of 12 straight fights, in a run of success that extends as far back as 2015.

Amanda Nunes is the most succesful woman in MMA history till date

There had been serious doubts surrounding this match up as many saw it as an epic mismatch to be fair.

Initially when the fight started, Peña did came out as she said she would, but throughout the first round Nunes showed her no mercy again and again.

It actually began to look like another typical day at the office for Nunes as the sheer dominance for most of the first round was evident.

It was only after the midway point in the rounds, that Nunes started to fade and look rusty; the perfect opportunity for Peña's confidence to boost and take advantage of the situation.

After backing up the defending champion with her strikes, the challenger Peña took the fight to the canvas and immediately locked in a rear-naked choke at 3:26 of Round 2.

And then the shocker happened! Nunes quickly tapped out.

The T-Mobile Arena erupted with the kind of noise made by fans who had just witnessed improbable history.

Julianna Pena took over the fight in Round 2 forcing the great Nunes to tap out

"I'm not surprised, motherf----rs!" ,Peña exclaimed when the microphone was put in front of her afterwards inside the cage.

This was arguably one of the biggest upsets in MMA history but it was Peña's outrageous audacity to challenge the Brazilian champion.

“I was cool, calm and collected, I was cool as a cucumber.”, Peña said.

Juliana Pena celebrates after winning the bantamweight title defeating defending champion Amanda Nunes.

Before last night, Amanda Nunes, by comparison, has long been been the best in the sport.

She had not lost a fight since 2014, recording victories over all the greatest in women's MMA history from: Ronda Rousey to Holm to Cris Cyborg and even Valentina Shevchenko ,twice.

No one would have the Brazilian 33-year-old's undisputed claim as the GOAT, but for now Nunes only owns the featherweight title.

This victory was a reminder of why this sport is so popular.

Anything can happen at any time.

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