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Christmas is a few days away, and I can't but reminisce on the memories of Christmas I had as a child. I always anticipated Christmas; maybe I still do, but not as much. Adulthood has happened to a whole lot of us. Let's, however, try to keep the little child on our inside alive.

1. The accurate shoe size measurement with a broomstick

My Mum is already telling us all to line up by this time. She'd pick a stick broom, measure the length of our legs and take it to the market. Or she makes an outline of our legs on paper, cut it out and head straight for the market. It is crazy how the shoe she eventually buys fits perfectly; African mothers are the GOAT- Hey Mum, if you are reading this, I'm not calling you a goat as in the animal. It is GOAT; Greatest Of All Time.

2. The ever-trendy goggles.

My childhood Christmas was never complete without our signature goggles. You matched with a slightly oversized ready-made layered dress, a matching bag, a hat with flower socks, and a shoe announcing your arrival. That was the girls' starter pack to a fantastic Christmas. The boys had their goggles as well, baggy jeans, Ben 10 watch, or Spiderman watch; whatever superhero you were obsessed with at the time, there was watch merchandise for it, your shoes, and skin haircut complimented you all's looks.

3. The Legendary Ponytail for the girls.

I am convinced that every fashion trend in this age isn't new; it is always a comeback of an old one or, say, an improved version. Ponytail has always been a thing, and I made that hairstyle so many times as a kid while growing up. You guys, what we call ponytail now is the packing gel of those years (insert crying emoji). Packing gel was the go-to hairstyle during Christmas; you used 'the telephone wire' ponytail or used a pack of ‘weavon’-Xpression, Daniella, whichever one your Mum bought, you used. Or you reused the one your Mum had fixed on her head before (insert crying emoji again).

4. The monetary gifts from families and friends

I always looked forward to Christmas because of the money uncles and aunties would give during Christmas. They will give me and my siblings money, my Mum will collect it to 'keep' for us and months later when we ask, she'll say 'all the food you have been eating nko, the clothes you are wearing nko.' Another Christmas comes, and we fall for the same old trick. Lol, we never learn.

Honestly, I miss being a child, having no one worry in the world. Now ehn, If I get Christmas clothes, I will thank God or even free money from Uncles and Aunties.

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