December 1, 2023
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Matching pyjamas and the Christmas Day attack on single pringles

December 27, 2021

Merry Christmas from me and mines captions were everywhere on Christmas day.

This Christmas day was a brutal assault launched by married people and those in relationships.

From Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, those without significant others wore matching pyjamas or sweaters, sat under a Christmas tree took pictures and posted them online.

Single people were left to watch in envy or adoration depending on how the pictures made them feel.

A couple on Twitter [Twitter]

Family pictures in Christmas cards is a long-standing Christmas tradition, but in this time of social media, no one is sending cards anymore. They just use their social media pages to send Christmas wishes.

Singles were not taking this assault likely. Many told these coupled up folks that it was Jesus’ birthday and not theirs and they should wait till Valentine’s Day.

A disgruntled single person [Twitter]

I began to wonder what will happen on Valentine’s day. Either I will have to log out of my social media accounts or rent a boo for a day.

No time can bring you closer to family or make you feel alone than Christmas time, and as I laid in bed eating, scrolling through social media and watching a movie – all at the same time, I was not ashamed to admit that I felt alone and envious.

I typically don’t feel that way.

I swore to wear matching pyjamas next year and then I began to evaluate the nature of my pact.

Do I want to wear it just to show off on social media or because I have found someone I truly love and who aligns with my life plans?

My conclusion? No couple is ‘goals’ and I just need to go and grow at my own pace.

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