December 7, 2023
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5 signs your child is a bully

December 13, 2021

Many bullying incidents would not happen if parents were a bit more vigilant.

Most parents hate to admit it, but sometimes their child is the bully, the menace of the school and the bad influence.

Disciplining their children is not only for their good but for society and others.

These are five ways for parents to recognise that their children are bullies:

1. The child wants to be popular and liked

If your child always wants to be the Queen B or the most popular person in school or the neighbourhood, the desire to exert control and authority over others will likely cause them to become bullies.

If they see life as a popularity contest, they will do anything to be popular [pexels]

2. The child refuses to be disciplined

A child should have respect for authority and regard for their parents.

If you cannot tell your child what to do or what not to do and you find them increasingly disrespectful to your authority, then you should check it quickly.

3. There is a history of violence at home

Growing up watching violence can easily cause them to imitate it in their private lives.

Violence at home can happen in different ways. It might be parents fighting and beating each other or older siblings bullying younger ones or uncles, aunts and maids bullying the children.

4. They are neglected by their parents

Children cannot train themselves.

Apart from providing the basic amenities for their children, many parents do not even know who their children are.

They take no interest in what they are doing or up to. They do not even know what they like, who their friends are, how they spend their time, who they listen to and what they watch.

Asking their caretakers and teachers about their children’s behaviour is also a form of care.

5. They have many behavioural issues

Does your child lack empathy for humans and animals? Are they passive-aggressive?

Are they proud and arrogant? Do they always like to be in control?

Noticing these behaviours guides you on how to guide your child, and stop them from becoming a menace as quickly as possible.

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