July 7, 2022
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Good day everyone!

So I completed my secondary school education in 2018, and I'll be starting college next year, to study Computer Engineering. My dad had bought me a laptop in 2017, when I was still in secondary school, but it started having issues about a year later and my dad spent a lot of money (about 50k) for repairs alone. He then gave up on the laptop and decided he would get me a new one soon. But it's been two years plus, and he is yet to give me a new one, because of some projects he has at hand.

Before the laptop started having issues, I had mastered everything, from typing fluently to operating the basic softwares such as Ms word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. After I completed my high school education, I started working in the church media unit, and in no time, I was the most preferred media personnel when it comes to scripture projecting, prayer points typing and more.

On July 17th this year, a man favoured me and gave me 160k to get myself a laptop. Since there are only mid-tier laptops at that price range, I decided that I'll keep the money, till when I raise about 200k extra to get a good laptop for 250k, capable of 3d animation which I desire to learn, and to also get myself a secondary monitor, mobile hotspot and a camera to start a YouTube Channel.

I've kept the money for about six months now. It's still intact because it's with my mom. But since it'll take time to save to that amount in order to add and buy the laptop, I have decided to invest the money in any business that will make me at least a 500k under six months. Is there any business that I can venture into?

I would really prefer online businesses that can be done with a mobile phone because of my health issues. But any business idea would still be appreciated!


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