December 2, 2023
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Should A Christian Also Read The “Sixth And Seventh Books Of Moses”?

December 12, 2021

Should A Christian Also Read The “Sixth And Seven Books Of Moses”?

I recently saw a thread where someone offered the sixth and seventh books of Moses for sale in this section, and something that happened to my friend after he was given the seventh book of Moses immediately came to mind.

At the time I had been hearing of the seventh books of Moses, and obviously what really aroused my curiosity or attracted my attention to the book was that it was named after “Moses” in the Bible, so being a Christian, who very knew about the biblical Moses and the books he wrote in the Bible, that gave me the impression that it was possibly related to him, and probably a continuation of his books in the Bible.

Hence the curiosity to find out what it was really about, as i didn’t know what to make of it yet. But that was not until something serious happened to my friend after he received the book from his friend in school.

He was a friend of mine during the days I was still a sinner. We weren’t that close though, but I can remember once arranging a Christmas party together with him a long time ago, as was the custom during those days.

He was a student of a university situated somewhere in the east, and obviously he was a cultist, so one day while yet on campus, one of his cultist’ friends had given him the “seventh books of Moses”. Although he didn’t open it yet to read it but just dropped it on his table at his room at school, and traveled back to his family home in Port Harcourt.

But on getting to his room where he lived in Port Harcourt, after opening the door, he saw the same “seventh book of Moses”, which he left at school, on the table in his room in Port Harcourt.

He almost ran mad, that’s if he didn’t really do so for a while, as he was behaving strangely afterwards on the streets, culminating in him foolishly confronting the police which eventually landed him in a police cell.

After I heard he had been released from detention and was back at home, I immediately went to see him to confirm this, also at the time I had just repented, so I felt being there could be of benefit to him.

When I got to his house, I saw him sat on one of the seats of the dinning table of his house, so I sat down next to him, and from close range, I could see that he has been seriously beaten, as his eyes was bloodied and his tooth was broken. I felt really sorry for him.

As a result, i felt compelled to tell him to repent, to save himself from such a situation. I think I also prayed with him before I left.

Hence, after what happened to my friend after he was given the “seventh books of Moses” by his fellow cultist’ friend on campus, even though i had just repented and started my walk with God at the time, i didn’t need anyone else to tell me that it was not of God, but of the devil and a diabolic book which had absolutely nothing to do with God, despite it being called by the name of Moses in the Bible.

The name Moses obviously was used as a ploy by the devil to also lure many, especially Christians to the book, as was typical of him, so that when they are drawn to it as a result, before they knew what was happening, they would already be trapped in his demonic web.

This is not hear-say but a true story about what happened to my own friend after he was given the book by his cultist’ friend, so it’s not a book I’d advise any Christian to read or have anything to do with.

It’s satanic!

God bless.

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