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Shiloh 2021: Why David Oyedepo Will Continue To Be The Richest Pastor In Nigeria Till Death

The recently concluded Shiloh 2021 brought out a whole lot of things about the richest pastor in Nigeria, Bishop David Oyedepo, that got the internet talking. Especially on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

According to what I saw (and I believe other social media users who followed the program keenly also did), everything that happened there all point to why Bishop David Oyedepo can NEVER be poor in this life and will continue to top the list of the wealthiest clergymen in Nigeria.

Without wasting much more of your time, here are the things I observed about the richest pastor in Nigeria and I will like every young man or woman out there to take a hint from here.

What I Observed About Oyedepo And His Massive Wealth While Watching His Church Program, Shiloh 2021

1. The Man Is Very Organized

One of the things that shocked me most while watching the program online as a non member of his church was when he brought out different boxes bearing his personal notebooks since the 1980's. No, I didn't say books he has read since the 80's. I mean the ones he jotted down every single plan, pattern and ideas that govern his life, church and wealth creation.

That part really me got me thinking. I mean how on earth do you jot every single money making ideas, administrative systems and all you believed you were created or meant to do?

I started asking myself, when was the last time I ever jotted down a powerful business idea that crossed my mind, let alone the simple but life changing ones? When was the last time I ever brought out pen and paper and try to organize the next 1 year of my life, let alone follow it through?

This man has consistently organized everything about his life for over 30 years now and we wonder why he is as rich as he is today! See, nobi by prayer, claiming and fasting alone o! He said so himself. The way the program flowed seamlessly for days is actually a proof of this. How can such a man ever be poor? If that doesn't get you thinking, I wonder what will?

2. Bishop David Oyedepo Never Rules Out Anyone Regardless Of Public Opinion. He Never Takes Relationship Lightly

Did any of you notice Pastor Fatoyibo of COZA at the forefront listening and learning from the man? How about the C and S lady pastor and others that came to him for prayers which he anointed?

With Oyedepo, everyone has a chance to rise from their ashes. He did it with Enenche, Ibiyomie, Abioye and several others that are living proofs today. Even if things were to go wrong with him financially tomorrow, these people within his circle of influence will always remember and be there for him.

When was the last time you actually accepted anyone who didn't fit into your class of ballers. Some of us have left friends stranded, neighbours disappointed and strangers in tears because of public opinion or irrelevant, minor disagreements.

Make it a practice to always be there for your "squad" and be sure every "member" of it will always gat your back too.

3. He Doesn't Confine His Reach To A Particular Location

Who would believe that with all the pandemic and travel restrictions, people will travel from 48 Nations to Ota in Ogun State to hear another man. Well, he's not just another man, you may say. I agree. But I'm sure you understand where I'm heading to.

Oyedepo has so much spread his tentacles across the Nations that those in need of what he has wouldn't mind coming to Ota to get it. But you, "ordinary to post what you do or sell on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, you dey shame. Because people wey no dey feed you fit talk. Sapa neva hold you yet."

I have a made up my mind, you see this coming year 2022, I'm so much going to market myself and my products so well both online and offline that those around me won't have any choice than to patronize me. If I have you on my contacts and I cannot post my products or services online because of you, I will delete you sharp sharp make I kukuma have peace. Unless you are ready to be bankrolling me. What's the point of being broke and 'saving face'? "Eji afufu anya isi?"

Final Words On The Richest Pastor In Nigeria

There are many other points I actually observed like his value for Excellence but I don't have time to talk about them all here. I personally believe all of these I observed about Bishop David Oyedepo from this Shiloh 2021 contribute to why the man will continue to be the richest pastor in Nigeria till he dies. Regardless of how old he lives.

Let me stop here for now and allow you guys to contribute. What do you think is the major reason he is so rich? What have you observed about him?

Interestingly, he's not the only one taking tithes and offerings in churches every Sunday. Why is he so rich? See source for more.

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