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One Pot Tomatoes Stew

See ehn, even if WW3 is going on, I will still find way to cook food and eat.

Like the name implies, One Pot Tomato Stew is a stewing method where everything is done in one pot and in quick succession. This stewing method would serve people who are allergic to frying their tomatoes. I am for the frying method, but after I tried this, I can boldly say it is just as good.

If you are pro-frying and so averse to this method, I have other stew recipes, HERE and HERE.

- Tatashe
- Rodo
- Cow leg
- Shaki
- Chicken
- Panla fish
- Garlic
- Ginger
- Curry
- Thyme
- Vegetable oil
- Seasoning cubes
- Salt

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