December 7, 2023
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Odd Things That Can Take You To Hell

December 12, 2021

Some things look odd, but can take someone to hell…

(1) Tribal or racial hatred: Things like “I hate Fulani people, I hate igbo people, I hate Yoruba people, I hate so so people” will surely take you to hell…You can dislike certain acts or behaviors of a tribe, but it is ungodly to hate people of a tribe.

(2) Enjoying other people’s evil act: Do you know you can enjoy someone’s lie, someone’s fornication, someone’s deception, someone’s wicked act etc.. Though you didn’t commit it, but the fact you enjoyed or found pleasure in what the person did will take you to hell ..

(3) Insincerity: Things like you telling someone to fill your name in a list of those present for a meeting, when you are absent will take you to hell….Things like putting early time in office register when actually you came late will take you to hell….

(4) Worldly music: Worldly can be enticing and sweet to the ear, but know this that if you are enjoying worldly music when Jesus comes, you are going no where with Jesus

(5) Not Confessing: If you steal from someone, and you tell God to forgive you, He will forgive you. But if God ministers to you to go and return what you stole back to the owner and you refuse, you won’t make heaven…Same: If you slept with your EX few days before wedding day, or you committed adultery, and God ministers to you to confess it to your partner. If you disobey, you will not make heaven..

(6) Being ashamed to walk with your Bible on the road can lead you to hell….

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