February 25, 2024
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“How A Loan App Wiped My Account And Left Me Broke”

December 12, 2021

How a loan app wiped out my account and left me broke

See me see trouble o! one loan app in this country, (I will not mention their name yet) has wiped my entire life savings and they have left me dead broke. Around early February this year my friend told me about a business that i can invest in and get good profit by the end of the year. Usual na, I got excited about the project and I had to make sure I hustle the money anyway, anyhow; that was how I remember that I saw one advert on facebook, so I went to the Facebook page and I copied the WhatsApp number from the page. Naso it start o! they asked me to register, write my mothers name, my office even collect my BVN and card details join!! Haba! I should have known.

I took the loan even with the high interest because I didn’t have a choice and guy man gats make sweet cash. The 1st instalment i paid, 2nd instalment i delayed for 2 days…honestly no be my fault i even tried reaching out to them for small time more but no one answered. That’s how the 3rd instalment came these loan app cleared all my account o! They removed all the money in my account claiming they couldn’t be patient anymore! I’ve called & called but they didn’t answer me! Next thing their representatives dey insult me!

Guys, I want to know what to do o! Is this how all loan apps do? they will shame you and suck your account dry? Abeg people talk o! what can I do?

Which decent loan apps can one use in the future?

1. FairMoney
2. Carbon
3. RenMoney

Which off these three is recommended abeg?

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