February 22, 2024
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Help! I Got Bitten By A Local Dog

December 12, 2021

Please if you opened this thread just to ask me if this is a clinic or you want to ask why I went near the dog kindly close the thread.
I visited someone, the dog was lying close to the door, I tried to touch it so it could go away it just bit me. Small bite with scratches on my fingers(I guess the scratches are from its nails) I went to the clinic and took tetenus injection and they also gave me anti-rabies injection too (5k per one) and said I’m supposed to take it 3 times but I’m strapped for cash currently.
I heard if a dog transmit rabies, it would die after few days. Should I still be worried if the dog doesn’t die?
I mean if the dog is healthy and alive does it means it couldn’t have had rabies infection to transmit during bite?
I need advice from only those with knowledge of the matter

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