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Femi Fani-Kayode releases video of his kids in response to Precious Chikwendu who claimed that her children are maltreated by her ex husband.

Precious had said that one of her sons had Coronavirus and she only found out in court. She added that another has a wound on his head and she recently found out too.
In response, FFK wrote on Instagram:

household taken today.

No bruises, no scars, no head wounds, no Covid 19, no nothing. Their mother has been given access to see them in the house for the last 1 year and 5 months but she has refused to do so.

Despite that they are happy and healthy, they have the very best of everything, they are surrounded by love, light, joy, prosperity and peace and they get the very best of care from a set of highly trained and well respected child care specialists and professionals.

I thank God for their lives and for the lives of the other members of my family and household.

The Lord is with us: blessed be His holy name forever. Merry Christmas everyone. ���

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