October 2, 2023
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Does Body Count Actually Count?

December 12, 2021

So, the boat was overturned in middle of the sea and right now, the authorities are recovering the bodies of most of the passengers that were onboard. As it is the body count is very large and it seems not a single soul survived…. Hey there, sorry to take you in that cruise. We are not talking about dead bodies or any corpse here. Though, this can still be some kind of casualty and death if we really want to look at it.

The number of men or women that a person has had sexual contact, I mean sex, with is what my concern is here. This is the body count that i want us to assess if it does really count.

It is a free world. Once most of us attained adulthood and the accompanying freedom that comes with it, we flew off to the ends of the earth, exploring, expediting and having fun. I mean all kinds of fun, sexual one most especially. So, as natural as it may seem, does it really matter if we decide to have a long list of sexual partners? Is there anything inherently wrong with being liberal with our bodies and doing something very “natural”?

Sorry, if you expected a direct response from me cause on this one, I would remain on the sidelines. However, I know of a significant number of persons in the school of thought that what ever we do with our bodies remain a simple exercise. It cannot really touch us. It is a harmless expression and outflow of hormones and emotions which just goes with the moment. So, there is really nothing much attached and it is no big deal.

Another group attach prestige to it. They give some form of grading. “More is always better”, the economists say. So, the higher your body count, the more prestige, the more bragging rights, the more measure of fun, the more experienced, the more fully one has lived… So, so and so.

Still, for a particular class, chastity, integrity, ethics, excellence and the likes, has huge meaning for them. The high numbers seem like looseness, lack of control, lack of worth and a serious depreciation in value. The retribution and hard, negative feelings that are mostimes associated with sexual entanglements, is a big scare for this group. Accordingly, body count is a big thing for these as they try earnestly to avoid the numbers.

There are truly some concepts that fall under the umbrella of subjectivity, as such, some definite conclusions may be difficult to draw on these. Almost everyone have diverse opinion which they are totally entitled to. However, figures and evidences do no lie. Taking these as measuring tools, we can all agree that the higher the number the higher the risks involved. Granted, there are some obvious attractions in this. There are those enticing stuffs that draw so many in. Still, there are abounding instances where great pains, sorrows and suffering have been self-inflicted because of body count.

Thus, whether there is any form of achievement or prestige attached to getting down with a lot of people, I am really ignorant about such. From experience, the high numbers have not really turn out well for many. Maybe in the near future, a section of our resume’ will be adjusted to accommodate such, but at the moment, in all societies, in all human communities, high body count has been more in the negative than otherwise. I will leave it here for our sense of rationality to guide us in hitting high numbers or keeping it as low as possible. See you on my next Article on this, for now, Stay safe mate!

Source: https://flipmemes.com/2021/11/15/does-body-count-actually-count/

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