February 26, 2024
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All N-Power Beneficiaries To Be Paid At Once

December 12, 2021

Account capturing of all Npower Batch C Volunteers is ongoing and this is the reason for the current delay in October and November stipend.

Prior to this most Npower Batch C Volunteers during the N-Power registration were not properly captured when inputting their account information due to technical glitches hence the resultant delay in payment and this led to Npower Batch C Volunteers having payment issues, also several Npower Batch C Volunteers failed to follow simple instructions when filling their account information.

In this vein all Npower Batch C account details is being recaptured and certain adjustment will be made to the method of payment as follows:

1) All Npower Batch C Volunteers will be paid at once and not in batches.

2) Subsequent payment will be made promptly and hitchfree.

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