October 1, 2023
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Actress Rahama Sadau Calls On Authorities To Protect Northerners Against Banditry

December 13, 2021

Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has called on the Arewa leaders to protect northern against bandits, Igbere TV reports.

The actress cried out on Instagram, lamenting the killings of northerners, calling out their leaders to intervene.

“The disturbing recent footages on social media is disheartening & inhumane. What did we really do as citizens of the country (Arewa most especially) to deserve such cruelty and disregard from our leaders?? All we did was VOTED!! We are not calling out anybody but EVERYBODY at the top level…

“When will there be action on insecurity When will our voices be heard Our attention only got to be noticed after every 4 years… ENOUGH OF THAT!! This insecurity is fvcking affecting EVERY home in Arewa…… Hmm!! Never Wake a Sleeping Dog… Talaka a yau, zama a cikin gidansa ma tsoro yake bashi..I am speaking for myself and every person that feel affected..!!

“I am calling out EVERYBODY with a voice, power & influence to contribute in tackling insecurity in Nigeria. Losing Arewa to banditry is like losing the whole nation. Idan kowa ya mutu Sai muga wanda zai zabe su…NO ONE IS SAFE UNTIL WE ARE SAFE …. ENOUGH OF THE BLOODSHED!!” she wrote.

Some of the youths also took to the streets to protest the killings.

In December 2020, Rahama called on the United Nations, United Nations Women, United Nations Population Fund and United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency to intervene in the increasing number of violence against women and put an end to insecurity in Nigeria.

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