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I have never been party to any broken marriage – Pastor who Precious Chikwendu accused of causing most of her ‘fighs’ with FFK and bringing in women to replace her responds

December 11, 2021

Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba, the cleric who Precious Chikwendu accused of causing most fiights between her and her ex-partner Femi Fani-Kayode and bringing in women to replace her, has responded to the allegation.  The Pastor denied the claim and further stated that he has never been party to any broken marriage as marriages that were on the verge of collapse, were restored through him.  Claiming that social media is now a tool to blackmail Pastors, Olorunmagba accused Precious of subjecting her ex-partner to domestic violence, and assaulting a policeman. He also re-echoed claim of the mother of four being caught in a hotel room with a naval officer.  He then stated that Precious Chikwendu has two criminals cases in different courts bordering on defamation of character, falsehood, conspiracy and cybercrime. Olorunmagba wrote;  RESPONSE TO PRECIOUS CHIKWENDU’S FALSE ACCUSATIONS.-By Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba.Precious Chikwendu claimed that I was responsible for most fights between her and Chief FFK and claimed I called her derogatory names which are just lies and cheap way of getting sympathy from the general public as her custom is. It’s so unfortunate that she turned out to be an ingrate and chose to employ lies on me because I posted that those issues in circulation on social media are not good for her four sons to read in the future. And I have personally said same to Chief FFK, who to the best of my knowledge, I have not seen him posting on her issue, rather it was his lawyer’s response that I saw and he has even said he won’t say anything personally on her issue. But funny enough some Nigerians don’t used to care to hear the other side of issues before jumping to conclusions especially if it has to do with a female accusing a pastor. Of course the new trend now is that social media has become a tool of cheap blackmail against pastors. And social media has turned many people to “journalists” even when they don’t understand the ethics of journalism that if a person is accused you (bloggers) don’t just post one sided story you reach out to the person and hear his own side so as to balance your report. Amusingly some bloggers carried her lies without anyone trying to contact me in any way to even hear my own side.Note that I am not one that would publicize the good I have done for someone but just for the record, I have to respond to her childish and cheap lies and will be forced to say just little out of many things.Precious Chikwendu, on more than two occasions, I have settled issues between you and Chief FFK. An example was the Anambra State incident where you angrily left the hotel room where you were lodged with Chief at odd time, even hit the police man that was begging you not to go to your father’s house. But you left and still the lawyer that was with us then and I, had to plead for you with chief and we got down to your father’s house with chief to ensure reconciliation.Or was it that of 28th December 2019 (I am mentioning this case because it’s already on social media) when chief called me and told me of how he caught you in the act of adultery in a hotel room with a Naval Officer, and how he was done with you and will release the video of you and the guy on social media. But I took the next available train from Kaduna to Abuja only because of that and still pleaded with chief not to make any post that will tarnish the image of his children’s mother. He listened to my plea but vowed before me and others not to ever make love to you from that day on.And I was still preaching to him for forgiveness and reconciliation of you both even when others were shouting ,”send her away” to the extent that the staff in the house did not only celebrate that you would never return, they even went to House on the Rock Church to thank God that the person deducting their salaries and oppression them had been shown the way out. But as I returned to Kaduna I still kept calling and talking on the need for forgiveness until Chief FFK brought you back to his house.On another occasion that you packed out of the house among many occasions (of packing out and packing in), I even called you on phone and spoke with you after talking to chief so that both of you can get back together for the sake of the kids who are entitled to both parents’ love and presence.Even the night I received call that you carried knife and was jumping from on top of chair to another chair; that the entire staff were scared, that Chief FFK said he had to call a female police DPO to come with female police officers and it took several hours till late into the night, before they could get the knife out of your hand and you were taken for psychiatrist attention the next morning. While others were expressing fear that what if it starts happened to you in the dead of the night while you are alone with Chief FFK and you stab him, I still prayed that God heal you. Now you are turning against me?You even lied to the extent that you that once claimed Chief FFK can’t perform on bed now turn to lie again that I anointed WOMEN that were brought on your BED. Ha, Precious Chikwendu, I have never and will never introduce any single lady to another single man for marriage not to talk of ever introducing women to a married man. God forbid!As per the prayers, not only have I and is still praying for chief, I have prayed for you as well and I do pray for anyone that I am close to and I will still continue praying for all the people I am close to and no devil can stop that because I am called to bless. Before you went for your last surgery, chief called me and I prayed for you, both during and after the surgery. I have always prayed for peace in the family and your children as well. You are in the know of all these but you always take to social media to solicit for sympathy through lying. On the false and laughable allegations that I am living in Chief FFK’s house: since you claimed that my members don’t see me in church, then give my church address to your followers and tell them to come any Wednesday 5pm during our Midweek Service or any of our two services on Sunday at 7 am and 8:45 am respectively. Then if they don’t see me and I am in the country they can conclude on that. I won’t say more than this.Over this your relationship issue, you have lied on Chief FFK, Mrs Regina in Ghana, a Senator, police personnel, lawyers and now it’s the turn of pastors and my turn for you to lie on. Ironically, some Nigerians are still believing you despite that you have two criminals cases in different courts over defamation of character, falsehood, conspiracy and cybercrime. The cases are still ongoing, yet you still continue for the media attention through false and malicious allegations on people.GET THIS CLEAR TODAY, I HAVE NEVER BEEN PARTY TO ANY BROKEN MARRIAGE AND I WILL NEVER BE PARTY TO SUCH. RATHER BY THE GRACE OF GOD, MANY MARRIAGES THAT WERE AT THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE HAVE BEEN RESTORED THROUGH ME, AS FAR AS BOTH PARTY TAKE COUNSEL AND PRACTICE THE WORD OF GOD AS TAUGHT.And I still stand on my point that continuous social media ranting will only keep exposing things your children will not be happy to read when they grow. I just hope you realise what you are doing yourself before it becomes too late…*I’ve been busy with program, so the delay in my response* The post I have never been party to any broken marriage – Pastor who Precious Chikwendu accused of causing most of her ‘fighs’ with FFK and bringing in women to replace her responds appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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