June 29, 2022
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The Imo State Government on Monday confirmed that it had ordered the state police command to begin a fresh investigation in a popular case of trafficking of two children in the state.

The states attorney general and commissioner for justice, Cyprian Akaolisa, told our correspondent on Monday that he had sent back the file of a child trafficking case involving one nurse, Ngozi Ebuzoaju and one Chinyere Ohanyere popular known as madam Chichi to the police for a fresh investigation.

Recall that the police had arrested Mrs Ohanyere for allegedly trafficking two children.

They later arrested a nurse, Ebuzoaju, for allegedly buying the children for the prime suspect.

While the court granted Ohanyere bail when she was arraigned by the police, the nurse who allegedly midwifed the buying of the two infants had been refused bail by the court and kept in Owerri Correctional Centre, from where she had been attending her trials in court.

But on Monday, the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice told our correspondent that he had returned the case file to the police for a holistic investigation.

Akaolisa said the police were not holistic in their investigations before transferring the case file to the Director of Public Prosecution for arraignment.

He said the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice said the police had failed to produce the woman who allegedly sold the children to the nurse.

He also explained that the police in their investigations did not produce the mothers of the children who allegedly sold their children to the woman who in turn allegedly trafficked them.

He said ” we have sent the case file back to the police for a thorough investigation. There are loopholes in the case file. All we want is Justice. It is the court that will order for a DNA test. The nurse said she does not know Mrs Chinyere Ohanyere.

“There is a woman she ( nurse) claimed to had transacted with that received N3m. Where is she?. She is at large. The police need to produce her. What about the mothers of the children, who did the business?. Where are they?. These things need to be put in place, properly. That is why I sent the case file back to the police for a fresh and holistic investigation.”

Imo orders police to conduct fresh investigation in child trafficking case

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