October 1, 2023
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Fame manipulative, makes you feel like god – Fireboy

December 13, 2021

Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Fireboy has opened up on how dangerous it is to be famous.

Fireboy, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, revealed that fame makes one feel like a god and can manipulate anyone into doing things and end up making costly mistakes.

The ‘Peru’ crooner noted that fame could mess one up mentally, causing costly mistakes.

“Fame is like money, it’s like s*x. These three things can get to you. They can mess you up mentally. They can affect your thoughts and manipulate you into doing things. You feel on top of the world, and you just make mistakes.

“When you’re famous, and you make mistakes, you are making mistakes for everyone to see. It’s different from when just a normal person that makes a mistake and you can quickly correct them. There are some mistakes that are very costly and I don’t want to make a costly mistake,” he said.

“I’m always very careful, fame is very dangerous. Fame is powerful, sometimes you feel Iike a god. You are talking to a person and the person is even shaking.”

He added that his concern now is keeping this fame for a long time and being relevant as an Afrobeat artist.

“I have the pressure of beating my old record because I want to prove that I’m not one hitmaker,” Fireboy said.

Fame manipulative, makes you feel like god – Fireboy

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