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EPL: Man United players officiated, gave themselves free-kicks against us – Norwich boss, Dean Smith

December 12, 2021

Norwich City boss, Dean Smith has claimed that their Premier League game against Ralf Rangnick’s side on Saturday was actually officiated by Manchester United players and not referee, Darren England.

He said that instead of being completely in charge of the game, the referee allowed Manchester United players to officiate the game.

Norwich suffered a 1-0 defeat at home to Manchester United with Cristiano Ronaldo’s second-half penalty.

Ronaldo was dragged to the ground by Max Aarons and replays showed the full-back grabbed the Portuguese’s neck at one point.

Smith agreed that there was contact between his player and Ronaldo in the box but feels there was a lack of consistency from the referee.

The manager said he could identify five or six similar incidents where the rules were not enforced to the same extent.

The Norwich boss said that at one point, Marcus Rashford even ‘gave himself a free-kick in the first half.

Smith told Sky Sports, “I’ve seen the penalty back. Does he make contact with him in the box? Yes. Has he got his arm up? Yes.

“But I can show you five or six different challenges in the game, whether they’re inside or outside the box, they were not given.

“We’re after consistency. There was no consistency there.

“I just felt it was too easy for Manchester United to referee the game today. Marcus Rashford gave himself a free kick in the first half.

“There was a build-up during the game. We can’t have players refereeing the game.

“I’m going to sound like a sore loser, and yes I am. I don’t think our performance deserved to lose and there were some questionable decisions out there.

“Max is going to have to make contact with Ronaldo when the cross comes in, otherwise he’s going to do one of his leaps miles above you. He makes contact but was it enough to make him fall backwards? I don’t think so.

“It’s a soft penalty and there were soft moments throughout the game where the referee didn’t give them. You have to be consistent.”

EPL: Man United players officiated, gave themselves free-kicks against us – Norwich boss, Dean Smith

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