November 30, 2023
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Women sensitised on breastfeeding, postpartum care in honor of Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit

December 13, 2021

To honor the legacy of the Edie and Amy company founder, Dr.Ijeoma Idaresit, the organisation embarked on a sensitisation programme for pregnant women on breastfeeding and postpartum care.

The sensitisation was focused on women who are registered for antenatal care with traditional birth centres.

The executive director of the organisation, Njideka Sanya, during the sensitisation held in Lagos last Wednesday said the program is just another step to take to help women have better outcomes after their pregnancy and delivery experience.

“We teach about breastfeeding – Edie and Amy is a company that provides breastfeeding, pregnancy and postpartum support for women both online and in the community,” she said.

Njideka advised women to register for antenatal once they discover they are pregnant.

“Just as it is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it’s very important that once you find out that you are pregnant, you register for antenatal care in a centre that is recognised by the government.

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“Take all the advice; take the drugs you are given; do everything you are told. The extra thing we like to add is to also seek for information,” she advised.

She noted that the Edie and Amy website and social media pages created by Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit were rich platforms for women to get extra information about breastfeeding, postpartum self-care, or have someone qualified to talk to, adding that it will help them relieve some of those burdens they might not have enough time or space to be able to discuss with their doctor or nurse. This will enable them to become more empowered and have better outcomes.

She further noted that the Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit fund has been launched in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which is Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit’s alma mater, to support Nigerian students that are studying for a Master’s in Public Health (both intensive and distance learning courses).

Successful scholars from Nigeria will have an opportunity to go further in their academic pursuits and become better equipped to provide solutions in the healthcare space.

Through this, the impact of Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit’s work will also be amplified in the various projects carried out by the recipients, with the potential of meeting health needs in Nigeria and Africa.

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