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APC Chairmanship: Council backs Senator Musa for APC National Chairman

December 12, 2021

Babasule Bissala Suleja, Chairman of the Senator Mohammed Sani Musa Advisory Council, has said that the deluge of calls for the Niger East lawmaker to contest the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairmanship seat, is a clear manifestation of his sterling qualities as a leader.

Bissala Suleja, who addressed the press during the week, said Senator Musa is the only one that is capable of bringing to the table refinement in politics; the kind, APC as an entrenched party needs.

While stressing the resolve of the council and all well-meaning APC members in Niger State to work assiduously for the actualisation of the lawmaker’s bid, he said the stakeholders and Nigerians want a more robust APC, which Senator Musa stands to offer.

He said: “We are not surprised that the calls for him to be the National Chairman of our great party are growing. He does not belong to the class of a typical Nigerian politician that must manipulate or engage in aberrations to gain relevance, he is indeed the breath of fresh air from bad politics it is therefore a kind of leader that APC needs at this time.

“It is therefore, our strong conviction that of all the people angling for the National Chairman Senator Sani Musa is the only one that is capable of bringing to the table refinement in politics; the kind, APC as a party entrenched.”

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The council noted further that, “It should be noted that the people of Niger East desired him so much, and they exemplified this by voting him as their senator massively but we are also ready to support him to go and offer what he has offered to us, to our great party for it to sustain the achievements thus far, and even surpasses them

“We in the council, therefore, want to state categorically that we support Senator Sani Musa desire to be the National Chairman of APC.

“We have worked with him closely and we have delivered collectively, we have no doubt in his capacity, so we urge all APC members to support him because he is the right man for the job.

“The party needs a bridge builder, who can mobilise younger Nigerians to bring about the new order the people desired from a ruling party and also learn from older order for experience; it is our firm conviction that Senator Sani Musa is the best man for that.

“The key to the prosperity of the party is in mobilising younger Nigerians to accept the basic principles of the party for national growth and development and engage the older order for positive contributions without recycling them,” he said.

Harping on his capacity, the council said it believes that Sani Musa emergence as APC National Chairman will demonstrate the fact that APC is not a party that recycles leaders around certain class, especially now that President Muhammadu Buhari has been clear about bequeathing on Nigeria legacy of sustainable democracy.

“We, therefore, believe it is time to shift from the tradition of the APC led by former Governors for a young and active politician like Sani Musa who is abreast with current political party democracy and core democratic dynamics and values,” Suleja said.

Reeling out the outstanding stewardship of the lawmaker, he said: “As a council, we are acquainted with the Distinguished Senator’s stewardship and, it has been obviously clear that he has one of the deepest constituency engagements and has remained one of the most vibrant at the Senate as the Senate Services Committee Chairman.

“This position is influential enough if his desire is for selfish agenda, but it is clear that his desires for service to the members of the party powers his ambition.

“Just as we consider these calls as a clear manifestation of his sterling qualities as a leader, we will also be modest to posit that his activities as Senator representing Niger East (zone B) at the Senate are full of narrations of positive development.

“In fact, we cannot desire a better representation than what Distinguished Senator Sani Musa is offering our Senatorial zone, he has proven that he is really for the masses, this can be adjudged through his superlative legislative contributions and constituency projects and engagements

“You may wish to recall that he was the first Senator in the 9th Senate to present his action plan, on how he wanted to represent his people at the Senate that immediately indicated that he was aware of the core values of social contract based on the principles of democracy.

“He has since then hit the ground running steadfastly pursuing the actualisation of his action plans; this particular action has endeared him more to the electorate and others alike.

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