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Crypto is establishing itself as this generation’s best method to generate passive income, with two thirds of Gen Z investors believing that crypto will make them rich. A bold claim, Bitcoin’s astounding success in which its value multiplied by almost 880,000 times since 2010 indicates it’s a very real possibility. Newcomers to crypto might assume that all it takes to strike gold is to convert some money into Bitcoin and wait. While this strategy works for some, it’s proving more effective to take advantage of newer altcoins on the market, like HUH Token on PancakeSwap and EverGrow on Binance.

Although it feels risky to invest in a lesser-known altcoin, crypto’s highly volatile nature means that these digital currencies could boom unexpectedly and increase initial investments by several decimal points. But how unexpected should unexpected be? The much hyped HUH Token exploded by 1000% in only 48 hours after its launch on December 6th. Pre-sale investors who’d bought $1,000 worth of tokens made $10,000 in merely 2 months. Shiba Inu likewise experienced a meteoric 777% rise in October before it started crashing. By contrast, HUH is a stablecoin, so its success isn’t expected to be short-lived. By using HUH as a template, these tips from crypto experts teach you what to look out for to predict the next one to blow up:

1. Lower token price

Especially useful for the investors who aren’t putting in millions, a good technique is to compare altcoin prices so you can get a higher number of tokens for each dollar. Hypothetically, a $500 investment today only gets you 1% of a Bitcoin, 12% of 1 Ether and just over 3 Litecoin. $1 currently equates to $0.000138 HUH Tokens, making it an attractive option for buyers. Discovering newer, cheaper altcoins enables you to have more tokens as well as invest into loads of different ones to dissipate the risk. Examples of other cheap altcoins with anticipated booms include Stellar (1 = $ 0.286962) and Polkadot (1 = $ 0.040081).

2. High adoption potential

Altcoin’s method of competing with Bitcoin was to offer some sort of incentive to encourage mass investment, which goes on to boost its value. HUH didn’t shy away from the incentives with its novelty referral programme meaning that when investors refer others, and then when those people refer others, the initial investor earns 10% and 2% BNB on purchases, respectively. By making this feature unlimited, it contributed to HUH reaching PancakeSwap’s top 20 only days after its launch and nearly a $125 million market cap within its first week.

3. Bear token supply in mind

Most tokens have a maximum supply that is determined in advance. When the maximum is reached, usually through mining attempts, new tokens will no longer be produced. So, sustained interest while supply is fixed is a factor that could increase its value. HUH Token has a supply of 888 billion, with 1% already allocated during pre-launch sales. Potential investors are encouraged to buy their tokens ASAP so they can cash in on a boom caused by limited supply.

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