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Hoskinson’s Brief Update: Cardano’s Great Year Ahead

December 11, 2021

Hoskinson’s Brief Update: Cardano’s Great Year Ahead – Founder of Cardano (ADA) — Charles Hoskinson, takes a moment to address the crypto space and catch them up on all things Cardano. Specifically, he did so via a live broadcast.

The broadcast comes from South Africa, as Hoskinson is currently traveling through different parts of Africa. He says there’s a lot of potential opportunities here and he is looking forward to learning more during this trip.

Brief Update https://t.co/9Tw2zPtVxm

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) October 18, 2021

In detail, the purpose of this brief update was to dampen the negative and uncertain buzz about the project within the crypto world. Hoskinson wanted to be upfront and transparent about all that’s been going on since the Alonzo smart contract update launch last month.

Frankly, he is very puzzled at the rising FUD within the space. He says that so far, Cardano has met every single milestone on its roadmap with no delays and no issues. The network has never collapsed and Cardano’s community continues to grow.

Hoping to reassure the naysayers, Hoskinson lays out Cardano’s current plans. To begin, he says that most of the concerns he sees seem to be about scalability. The upcoming PAB launch set to come out later this month or early next month will take care of this.

To add on, Goguen’s goal was to set the network’s programming model. Likewise, Basho’s goal is to make the program work on a large scale, and this is where Cardano is heading next. While the PAB will improve scalability, more and more users will join the network.

By the time this number rises, Cardano will be ready to launch its sidechains as well as its Layer-2 solution — Hydra. Besides these, Cardano has a lot of other projects in motion as well. To name a few, Plutus, Mamba Pool, Atala PRISM, Mithral and so much more. In fact, there are 14 teams working to bring 14 different elements within the Cardano ecosystem alone.

On the other side, Cardano is working with dozens of commercial projects that are fully funded and ready to go. Thus, Hoskinson is excited for the next year, as we will see the large-scale commercialization of Cardano.

All in all, he is happy to see that the ecosystem is alive and active, humbled that demand for the project has gotten stronger, and grateful to the community for being here. Finally, he encourages skeptics to read the Cardano whitepaper written back in 2016.

The document shows exactly what the project aimed to bring, and they will see the steady and unwavering progress that has been delivered till now. He ends the broadcast by saying that Cardano is exactly where it needs to be right now and will continue to grow as planned.

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