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Donald Trump said that he liked ‘smart and sharp’ Barack Obama, after years of insults and feuding, says report

December 12, 2021

Donald Trump said at an event on Saturday that he liked Barack Obama, reported The Sun Sentinel.

Trump commented to Bill O’Reilly on the first night of their History Tour in Sunrise, Florida.The remarks come after years of Trump insulting and criticizing his predecessor.

Former President Donald Trump expressed admiration for Barack Obama at an event on Saturday night, after years of criticizing and insulting him.

Trump made the comments to Bill O’Reilly on the first night of their four-date History Tour in Sunrise, Florida.

“I liked him,” Trump said about former President Obama, according to The Sun Sentinel, despite the crowd booing Obama’s name.

Trump added that he thought the Democrat was “smart and sharp,” the paper said.

Despite being complimentary about his predecessor, he also criticized his methods and blamed him for causing “tremendous division” and hatred in the country, according to the newspaper.

Trump reportedly had nothing complimentary to say about President Joe Biden, who he said he did not know personally.

He added that he doesn’t believe claims that Obama is secretly running the country for Biden, because Obama likes to golf too much and wouldn’t do it, according to the paper.

Trump’s comments come after years of bad blood between the pair.

While still a private citizen, Donald Trump spent years promoting a baseless “birther” conspiracy theory that Obama had not been born in the United States, and was therefore not eligible to be president.

Trump continued to make jabs at Obama after turning to politics, claiming that he was the “founder of ISIS,”and “one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States.”

Despite their contentious relationship, Obama wrote Trump an Inauguration Day letter in 2017 and left it in the desk drawer in the Oval Office, and Trump said it was “beautiful.”

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