March 1, 2024
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November 22, 2023

Actress Mercy Aigbe seems to be one of the first celebrities to have performed the trending tiktok ceiling challenge, in a skit perhaps, then the social media was bamboozled in its frenzy, typical of Nigerians.

The TikTok ceiling challenge is the new talk of the town, spreading joy on social media with a simple setup – just a phone, some tape, and a sprinkle of courage. Unlike other trends causing controversy, this challenge is all about unity and bringing people together. Example

Photo credit:jistlover

What’s the TikTok Ceiling Challenge?

The essence of the TikTok ceiling challenge is to stick your phone to the ceiling with tape and dance underneath the camera. The beat of the song “Surround Sound” by J.I.D, featuring 21 Savage and Baby Tate, adds energy to the challenge.

This infectious rhythm has sparked over 57,000 TikTok videos, with users showcasing their dance moves. The challenge’s popularity is evident in the staggering 320 million views under the viral hashtag #CeilingChallenge. From twerking to more adventurous interpretations, creators worldwide are joining the fun.

From TikTok to Instagram: A Creative Explosion

Starting on TikTok, the ceiling challenge has spilled over to Instagram and other platforms, turning them into vibrant galleries of artistic expression. Not every attempt is flawless; some viral videos capture the amusing mishaps and adorable blunders that happen during the challenge.

The creative force behind this trend is 17-year-old Josiah Lebante, an aspiring filmmaker from the Philippines. Inspired by filmmaker Karl Shakur’s overhead shots, Josiah’s simple act of taping his phone to the ceiling during a lunch break with friends sparked a global phenomenon.

Josiah Lebante’s innovative concept has transcended his native Philippines, captivating audiences worldwide and turning the TikTok ceiling challenge into a creative global movement.

Join the Fun: Easy, Inclusive, and Creative

The TikTok ceiling challenge stands out for its simplicity, inclusivity, and the boundless creativity it inspires. For those looking to add some fun to their social media, all it takes is tape, a ceiling, and a willingness to join a global community of enthusiastic participants.

Credit:The Guardian


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