August 9, 2022
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The new year is fast approaching and I don’t know about you all but the holidays aren’t hitting the way they used to hit. Covid and its unwanted sister Omicron have dulled things for us for almost two years, but no need to fret, Netflix and Mo Abudu have got us covered. The sequel to Ebonylife’s blockbuster, Chief Daddy, is set for a Netflix release on January 1st, 2022.

The trailer for the highly anticipated film was released yesterday and it’s very much giving what we hoped it would give. The trailer teases us with a couple of new characters and an idea of the plot of the film. From the trailer, here are a few things we expect to see in Chief Daddy 2: Going For Broke.

A Whole Lot of Drama

Just like the first movie, we’re expecting premium drama. I mean I need to see people throwing hands, some emotional manipulation, some double crossing, some kind of elaborate fraud, you know the kind of stuff that would make you gasp loudly. From the trailer, we see a hint of drama, but I say no need to minimize the drama you know? the trailer teases us with some gossiping, little arguing, and backstabbing. I say go big (in a reasonable, believable, contextual manner of course) or go home.

Steamy Romance and Maybe Heartbreak?

I’m all for romance in Nollywood films, only when it isn’t cringe and nauseating. If you think about it this will be the third movie Mawuli Gavor and Beverly Naya play love interests, are they trying to tell us something? This is how people mistakenly fall in love o. Anyway, I’m not complaining because they’re amazing to watch. From the trailer, it looks like their sweet paradise is having some unforeseen troubles. Breakfast on New Year’s day? O wrong now. Either way, we are preachers of love over here so we want to see love and romance that’ll make single people sad.

A Lavish Birthday Party

A movie about silly (used-to-be) rich Lagosians without a glamorous party? you dey whine Nollywood? There looks like there’s going to be a party scene and we’re expecting to witness it. it would help reinforce what we want for our own birthdays in the new year. So Ms. Abudu please make sure that birthday scene really makes me rethink most of my past financial decisions.

Extravagant Dubai Scenes

As Tarantino is to film cameras, so is Ebonylife to Dubai. It’s turning to a trademark at this point. I’m not sure I know the reason why they always need to go abroad but it’s not my film, right? From the trailer we see Famzy going to Dubai for a tour and he’s not spending petty change while he’s there. Inasmuch as I’m, not a crazy fan of overseas scenes, it won’t be bad watching them live lavishly in Dubai and enjoy themselves.

Big Money Famzy Concert

You see that jam Famzy gave us in the first movie? it still lives in my head rent-free till today and now they’re back with a sequel, I need to hear him perform it. I’m talking proper concert coverage, not half concert with comedic and drama-filled intermissions o.


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